Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to compete at the National Poetry Slam?
No individual competitors are accepted to the National Poetry Slam: all participants must be members of a team representing a poetry slam venue that has been certified by Poetry Slam, Inc. Venues are independently responsible for their own certification and team selection process, and for registering with Poetry Slam, Inc., with a deadline of June 1. To find a certified poetry slam venue near you, check out PSi’s Slam Map, or Google “poetry slam” and a city near you.

How can I volunteer at the National Poetry Slam? When will I get my volunteer assignments?
To get on our mailing list for volunteers, please fill out the form on the side of this page to be contacted by our Volunteer Coordinator. If you have specific skills to offer related to art, promotion, development or venue connections, you may contact the appropriate coordinator from this page.

How old do I have to be to compete, watch, or volunteer at the National Poetry Slam?
Although the National Poetry Slam is an adult event, the age requirements for our shows will be determined by the policies of our hosting venues. NPS 2013 will officially be 18+ for competitors, and at least some of our competition and late-night events will be 21+. However, we are striving to contract with venues that permit younger audience to enjoy our day events and nightly competition events. As of April 1, we can guarantee several all-ages day events each day of NPS, with at least one all-ages venue available each night, including Saturday (Finals). Parents and chaperones are reminded that poetry slam is a totally uncensored event and may contain strong language, adult themes, and unfiltered ideas!

What are the dates of the 2013 National Poetry Slam?
NPS will welcome poets to the city with opening ceremonies beginning on Monday, August 12. Festival events and competition will run day and night from Tuesday, August 13 through Saturday, August 17.

When will tickets become available?
Festival Passes for the week-long event are available now: click here for details. Audience members without Festival Passes may pay the cover charge at the door of any event to enter. A few venues may offer advance ticketing for individual events starting August 1.

Who can I contact with more questions?
For answers to questions about volunteering, sponsorship, press and media, day events, or other specifics, please see this page about contacting us. For general questions, you may email